Do you have a gorgeous photo of your Canadian Horse?

We are looking for an awesome photo of a CHHAPS member-owned Canadian Horse to be front and centre on the new roll-up banner displays that we will be ordering to use in the CHHAPS booth at major horse expositions across North America.

We are looking for that perfect photo that conveys an image of beauty, grace, power, and motion. Ideally it will encapsulate all the characteristics of the Canadian Horse in a single fabulous photo that immediately catches your eye. Upon the very first glance, it says “Look at me!”. The banner will be 33 inches wide by 78 inches tall.

**NOTE: edited to change the deadline**
The deadline for submission has now been extended until May 31. This will give people time to get their horses shed out, and looking nice and sleek and shiny. It also gives time for folks to set up their photo shoot to get that perfect photo that meets the criteria.

The requirement is for a CHHAPS member owned horse, however this is not limited strictly to pre-existing members – brand new members are welcome to submit too!

The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges composed of CHHAPS members.




The horse:

1. Must be owned by a current CHHAPS member. Brand new members are welcome to submit too.

2. Must be clean and well groomed. No dirt or mud.

3. Should have free flowing mane and tail (no braids), showing the natural beauty of the horse but not obscuring its face.

4. Should be wearing minimal to no tack. No bridles. No halters (especially nylon ones). A nice, discreet leather halter which is unobtrusive may be considered.

5. Ideally should portray an action shot with the horse in motion, although a still pose will not be discounted.

6. Ideally would be shown in either a front on view of the horse or a ¾ shot (eg most of head, neck and body). But a full face shot or other configurations will also be considered.

7. Should take up as much of the frame as possible. The need for minimal cropping is preferred.

8. Should be shown against a clear uncluttered background which is photogenic (eg sky, pasture). No old buildings, vehicles, falling down fences or piles of mud and manure.

The photograph:

1. Is going to be enlarged many times so must be the best quality possible. Should ideally be a minimum of 5-10 MB (5000-10,000 KB). Ones lower than this may be considered. At the very minimum, it should be at least 1 MB however be aware that anything this size or less will likely not enlarge or reproduce well.

2. If taken by a professional photographer, must have permission for its use granted by the photographer, PRIOR to submission.

3. Must be perfectly focused, especially on the face. No blurry or even slightly blurry photos please.

4. The lighting must be such that the entire horse is visible. If a photo of a black horse, there must be some definition on it, not just a black blob. It must have good exposure – not too dark or so light that either the horse or background is all washed out

5. Should ideally be taken in portrait orientation (and as tall and narrow as possible). Shaped like this:

6.  If taken in landscape orientation, it will have to have been done with a very high quality camera with large MP capacity, otherwise when cropped to fit, too much definition and pixels will be lost. Note: the final size of this banner will be 33 inches by 78 inches.

How to submit:

The photo(s) can be uploaded to the CHHAPS Yahoo group photo sharing site: (If you are a CHHAPS member but not a member of the CHHAPS Yahoo Group, click here to request to join.) One photo of Merit has been loaded there as an example of the type of photo and configuration that we are looking for.

If you are not sure how to upload your photo or are technologically challenged, you can email to Yvonne at and she will upload for you.

To give you a good idea of what we will be doing, here are some draft mock ups (without ANY artistic design done yet) to show the approximate configuration size and spacing of the new photo on a roll up type banner.

We are looking forward to lots of wonderful submissions!

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