Why was the Canadian Horse Heritage and Preservation Society (CHHAPS) formed?

CHHAPS was formed to assist in the preservation of the integrity of this historic breed.

Like other individuals and organizations with a similar mandate across North America, we support the maintenance of the original Canadian Horse “type” and breed standards. We feel that it is important to continue to breed for good temperament and substance as opposed to today’s trend of striving to breed a taller, “leaner, more agile horse”.

We treasure the versatility and conformation of today’s Canadian Horse, and are very proud of our breed’s history and heritage. Why change a good thing?

We feel that breeding for conformation, temperament and the preservation of the foundation bloodlines is much more important than trying to breed for size or any one specific discipline. Not everyone wants a tall or more refined horse. We don’t want to see quality smaller or stockier Canadians undervalued or “bred out” of the breed just because they don’t fit the current breed “trend”.

Like foundation-stock oriented groups in other breeds such as the Morgan and the Quarter Horse, we seek to ensure the survival of the traditional type, and of the rarer bloodlines, no matter what the fashion of the times dictate.

Why is CHHAPS not affiliated with the Canadian Horse Breeders Association (CHBA)?

CHHAPS is not officially recognized by the Canadian Horse Breeders Association (CHBA) or any of its provincial districts, since the CHBA’s mandate is quite different from ours, and also because the CHBA districts are defined by geographical area.

The mission statement of the CHBA notes: “The Association’s primary mission is to register and identify individual animals belonging to the Canadian horse breed, and keep up-to-date pedigree files on these animals.”

The mandate of CHHAPS is to have a more “hands on” role in the breed. We seek to form a non-recognized, relaxed, informal group of individuals whose interests lie with the breed’s preservation, and in networking with others of a similar mindset.

The CHBA constitution dictates, “only one provincial regrouping may be recognized by the CHBA in any one province or geographical location”. Since CHHAPS has an international membership base with members from both Canada and the US, the only option was for CHHAPS to be a completely independent organization governed by its own executive and constitution.

Why should I join CHHAPS?

Aside from our dedication to the preservation of the traditional Canadian Horse, we also wish to focus on the development of educational, competitive (in a friendly, educational and non-threatening way), breed promotion and/or just “plain old” enjoyable events and functions. We embrace sharing our news and views with like-minded Canadian Horse fans across Canada, Germany and the United States.

We encourage the versatility of the breed, and have a wide variety of talents and interests represented in our membership. Some of our members are dedicated horse show participants, both in driving and all disciplines of riding. Others enjoy cattle penning, competitive trail riding or pleasure and family type activities. Some are fascinated by the history of the breed, some are wonderful organizers and are able to put on successful events, and then there are those who simply just enjoy helping out.

CHHAPS offers several exciting programs which recognize and rewards a member’s horse’s versatility as well as performance achievements. These programs can be entered and participated in, no matter where one’s location. Accordingly, they are an excellent way for our far away members to participate long distance in CHHAPS activities. For more information on these, see Versatility Rewards Program, Iron Horse Competition, and the Performance Awards Program.

Our aim is to be responsive and accountable to our members. We wish to create a welcome place, and a forum for all members. A place where the interests and contributions of all will be valued and respected, and where no one discipline, type or particular bloodline of horse, or interest is favoured above another.

As a group, our focus is definitely not one of sales or advertising, preferring to leave this type of promotion up to individual breeders or the CHBA.

I live outside of BC, can I still join CHHAPS?

Our group, although based and legally incorporated in British Columbia, is not limited to residents of BC. We encourage anyone from any geographical area to become a CHHAPS member if you like our goals and would like to be aware of, and involved in, our activities.

At present, our CHHAPS events do take place in a variety of locations throughout BC. We also sponsor a Canadian Horse demonstration in the U.S. (Oregon). With time and more members from elsewhere, we hope that we will expand the number of events outside BC! It is important to note that CHHAPS will be happy to be of assistance in helping to facilitate members from outside of BC to organize CHHAPS events elsewhere.

I don't have a Canadian Horse, can I still join CHHAPS?

We welcome anyone with an interest in the Canadian Horse breed to join our organization regardless of whether you own a horse or not. You will be welcome to attend any and all of our events, and to learn more about the breed.

Although partbred Canadians and all horses of other breeds are welcome to participate in any of our informal events, we do limit our CHHAPS breed show to purebred Canadian Horses registered with the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC).

All are welcome to any and all of our events. And if you want to volunteer, even better!

What comes with my CHHAPS membership?

With your membership comes a reduced fee (or in many cases free admission) to any of CHHAPS sponsored shows, clinics, educational, or social events.

All CHHAPS members have the opportunity to enroll their horse (and to win awards) in our CHHAPS sponsored Versatility and Performance Award Programs.

Member websites linked to the CHHAPS website.

In addition, you will receive a quarterly CHHAPS newsletter, and membership to a CHHAPS – “members only” email list.

Can I belong to more than one Canadian Horse organization?

Any members of the CHBA (or for that matter, any other equine organizations) are more than welcome to join our group if they feel they like what we offer and support our goals. Many CHHAPS members are also members of the CHBA.

Again, it is important to reiterate that our group is in no way in conflict or competition with any provincial regroupings recognized by the national organization, and that our mandate and goals are quite different. The CHBA has been very supportive of CHHAPS and sanctions our events, and gives us coverage in the national newsletter.

Who do I contact for more information or to join CHHAPS?

You can contact any of our CHHAPS Executive for more information or simply print a membership form (in pdf format) off this website and mail it in