Kristina Eckert was introduced to the Canadian Horse in 2011 when a training opportunity presented itself and it took no time at all for the breed to steal her heart. Since then she has been a member of CHHAPS and continued to train and be involved with the breed and her training business, “Reindance Riding”, has now evolved into “Reindance Riding & Equestrian Services” which includes her own small breeding program, in Lebanon & Scio Oregon, USA.

In 2013 she bought her first Canadian, a 2 year old Stud colt, Yahtzee. Then she found a mare, Canadian Farm Jerrycho Manon, for her mum, Karen Bentley. They had her bred and then imported from Canadream Farm in Quebec Canada in May 2014. She delivered a beautiful chestnut filly, Reindance Randy Contessa, in March 2015, of whom is being offered for sale. Then, in Sept. 2015 Kristina’s dream horse came up for sale in Quebec and she jumped for the “impossible” and purchased an extremely rare, Palomino stud colt, Luckylou Nadja Captain-Jack, who is the first Palomino Canadian to come to the states. Finally, the latest addition to Reindance Farm is a stunning bay colt by Yahtzee out of Cache Phenom Yancey (owned by Michele Barr), KHADN Yahtzee Dice, foaled March 16, 2016.

Reindance Farms is located in the beautiful Willamette Valley at the base of the Cascade foothills in Lebanon and Scio Oregon, USA. Their program strives to produce, top quality, all-purpose horses with amazing and friendly temperaments, and that have correct conformation that meet breed standards as well as represents a couple different types within the standard. For example, the shorter and stockier type from Lou bloodlines, the taller, more refined and sporthorse type of the Viger and Fox bloodlines, and then in the middle with the mid-height, refined, and compact build of the Henryville Elite bloodlines. Lastly, they also have an additional focus to represent and preserve the rare colors within the breed, like Palomino and Sorrel and hope to produce buckskin in the future as well. They are in the process of setting up some exciting breeding plans for Captain-Jack for some 2018 or 2019 foals!

Kristina out for a trail ride on Manon, ponying Captain-Jack

Reindance not only strives to have all their breeding stock be quality horses that are going to stand out with their rare colors, amazing and willing temperaments, and talent, but they are also proven in the show and performance world, and therefore show they are able to produce top notch performance prospects with their offspring. Even though the Reindance horses are bred to be top of the line horses that will make stunning and successful horses, a loving home as a trail horse or recreational horse is just as good and they don’t believe that to be “just be a trail horse” is a waste at all and has sold several lovely and talented canadians to trail riding only homes.


Kristina has competed mostly in Dressage and 3 Day Eventing, but has also used/uses Canadians in Rodeo Western Drill Team (the Rock n’ Roll Cowgirls), Extreme Mountain Trail, Open shows, Mounted Shooting, Horse Fairs/breed demos (the NW Horse Fair & Expo), and this year she is focusing on jumping and Working Equitation. She is a member of Working Equitation Oregon and WE United and her hope is to someday represent the breed at a national competition. Her mom, Karen Bentley, uses Manon for recreational and Combined Driving as well as trail riding. Kristina plans to also learn how to drive in the years to come and continue to learn and do more things with their Canadians and show what great versatile horses they really are.

When asked if she had any comments on or about the CHHAPS organization she said, “Being a member of CHHAPS has brought me into a great and supportive network and community of people that have acted as a bank of information and inspiration. From that support I have been able to take what I have learned and involve and educate new people to the group and in turn hope that they will continue to do the same for others. Through CHHAPS I have not only been able to be connected with Canadian horse enthusiasts and see what they are up to with their horses, but have been able to share my own accomplishments too.”


2015 NW Horse Fair & Expo CHHAPS Breed Demo Team

To learn more about Kristina and Reindance Farms & Equestrian Services or to follow their goings-on you can contact them and find them at:

fb: Reindance Riding & Equestrian Services

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