The Canadian Horse Heritage & Preservation Society (CHHAPS) welcomes members from across Canada and the United States, or from any place where there are fans of the Canadian Horse.

A CHHAPS membership helps you connect and network with other fans and owners of the breed, and enables you to participate in CHHAPS sponsored events. In addition, it gives you the ability to apply for our grants and sponsorships programs, and to participate in our unique Versatility and Performance Awards programs. A CHHAPS membership also qualifies you for a reduced rate when participating in our annual CHHAPS Challenge virtual event. As a member, you will be automatically subscribed to the quarterly CHHAPS newsletter, and to our private social media groups. We also encourage all members to submit photos of your beautiful Canadian Horses to be used for our breed promotion on handouts, website, social media sites, and our very popular CHHAPS Canadian Horse calendars.

Membership dues go toward CHHAPS’s efforts to promote and preserve the Canadian Horse breed through sponsorship of booths and displays at equine expositions and agricultural fairs, the distribution of promotional handouts with breed information, and with our online presence. Wherever feasible, we try to support our member’s local efforts in promoting the Canadian Horse breed by the provision of materials and financial assistance as well.

To join, you have the following two options:
-If you would like to pay on line via PayPal, you can fill out our online membership form and submit that directly (fastest!)
-Or you can print out and scan/email or mail in a hard copy of our membership form and also pay via paypal

Membership cost: $35 (in either CAD or USD)

Online Registration / Renewal

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Mail Registration

If you don’t wish to do this online, you can print out and either email or mail this hard copy membership form along with payment to the address noted on the form.