CHHAPS Challenge
“100 Hours in 100 Days”
July 1 – October 11, 2021

All finishers of the CHHAPS CHALLENGE will qualify for the following, assuming that their total hours (and kilometers) have been logged into Race Roster by 11:59PM PDT on October 11, 2021:

One will be sent to each participant who completes 100 Hours in 100 Days!


  • High Achievers Award Divisions- most hours*
  1. Registered Canadian Horse – Registered Canadian Horses & Handlers.
    Juniors (age 18 and under)
    Adults (age 19-54)
    Masters (age 55+)
  2. Endangered Equine Breed – Endangered-breed Equines & Handlers (Non-Canadian Horse endangered breeds as determined by Heritage Livestock Canada, the Livestock Conservancy, or Equus Survival Trust classifications).
    Juniors (age 18 and under)
    Adults (age 19-54)
    Masters (age 55+)
  3. Open Breed – Non-endangered Equines & Handlers. (Horse/donkey/mule of any breed, registered or not. Includes unregistered and part-bred Canadian Horses)
    Juniors (age 18 and under)
    Adults (age 19-54)
    Masters (age 55+)
  • Longest Journey

    Equine & Handler that completes the 100 hours in 100 days challenge and has the highest number of kilometers travelled, (mounted, in-harness and/or in-hand).

  • Sensational Seniors

    Oldest Horse & Handler (combined verified age).

  • Rising Stars

    Youngest Horse & Handler (combined verified age).

  • Journalism Award

    Best written submission, under 500 words.
    Tell us about your experience! Did you overcome a challenge? Did you have a unique experience with your horse? Embrace a new discipline? Accomplish a goal?
    Top picks to be featured in CHHAPS Social media and newsletters

  • Team Award

    Certificates to be awarded to each member of the team generating the most finishing participants in the CHHAPS Challenge.

    Get your club organization or barn involved! Team Captains may choose to award additional prizes to their team members. Get creative and add some fun.

For example: A trainer who has created a team for her stable, could donate a lesson to the team member with the most hours. Or find a local farm store willing to donate a gift certificate to the rider completing the most kilometers. (Additional team awards are at the discretion and expense of the individual teams).

*Eligible High Achievers are required to submit a completed Hours Tracker as proof of completion to the Challenge Coordinator ( by October 15. Winners to be announced after verification. In the event of a tie, the winner would be the handler who demonstrates best stewardship, balancing training and care for their equine.