Awards – Finisher Recognition and Medals

All finishers of the CHHAPS Challenge will qualify for the following, assuming that their total hours have been logged into Race Roster by 11:59PM PDT on September 10, 2024:

COMMEMORATIVE PIN – Mailed to each participant who completes 100 Hours in 100 Days!

PRIZES – Back by popular demand! Monthly drawings to motivate your journey and celebrate your success!

MEDALS – Recognizing special achievements of the Horse & Handler! (Rider must complete the challenge with the same horse listed in their registration):

  • High Achievers – Honoring participants with the highest number of hours*. Three medals per division to be awarded based on Handler’s age: Juniors (age 18 and under), Adults (age 19-54), and Masters (age 55+).
    1. Canadian Horse Division – Registered Canadian Horses.
    2. Endangered Breed Division – (Non-Canadian horses) Endangered-breed Equines. Includes endangered equine breeds that appears on at least one of the following conservation lists: Heritage Livestock Canada | Equus Survival Trust | The Livestock Conservancy
    3. Open Breed Division – Non-endangered breed horses, mules or donkeys. Equine does not need to be registered. Includes part-bred and un-registered Canadian horses.
  • Sensational Seniors – Eldest Horse & Handler (combined verified age).
  • Rising Stars – Youngest Horse & Handler (combined verified age).
  • Journalism Award – Best submission under 500 words. Tell us about your experience! Did you overcome a challenge? Have a unique experience with your horse? Accomplish a goal? (Top picks to be featured in future CHHAPS newsletters and participant emails).

TEAM AWARD – Certificates awarded to each member of the team with the most participants who complete the CHHAPS Challenge.

Get your organization, riding club or barn involved by creating a Team! Team Captains may choose to award additional prizes to their team members. Get creative and add some fun.

For example: A trainer who has created a team for her stable, could donate a lesson to the team member with the most hours. Or find a local farm store willing to donate a gift certificate. (Additional team awards are at the discretion and expense of the individual teams).

CENTENNIAL AWARD – Certificate awarded to each Horse & Handler pair with a combined age of 100 or more.

PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT – spending dedicated, quality time with your horse – Priceless!

*Eligible High Achievers are required to submit a completed Hours Tracker form as proof of completion to the Challenge Coordinator (challenge@chhaps.ca) by September 15th. Winners to be announced after verification. In the event of a tie, the winner would be the handler who demonstrates best stewardship, balancing training and care for their equine.