Help us to promote the Canadian Horse!

CHHAPS is proud to support the Canadian Horse breed by offering both grants to individuals, as well as sponsorships to groups who are interested in participating in promotional booths and breed demonstrations at large scale equine events such as horse expos or agricultural fairs. This financial support is to assist those who are interested in and motivated to promote the Canadian Horse. The goal being to cultivate awareness of, and to educate others about the breed.

Individual Grants

Upon board approval, CHHAPS will provide a financial grant to an individual member to assist with high profile targeted breed education and/or promotion, or to show a registered Canadian horse(s) at high profile public events. The amount of money to be provided is discretionary based on the cost, size, scope and exposure of the event to be attended.

The following are examples of where grants could be applied for:

  • participation in highly visible clinics with nationally/internationally known clinicians (either to pay for event fee or to assist with travel expenses)
  • appearances at major exhibitions/shows
  • appearances at smaller scale events such as schools, nursing homes, local fairs
  • Canadian Horse research projects or publications

Event Sponsorship

CHHAPS is excited to once again resume sponsorship funding for approved equine events. We are willing to provide the funding for a booth or breed demo appearance, assuming that there is already an existing team of dedicated CHHAPS members willing to volunteer their time, talents and enthusiasm, in order to ensure these large events can run successfully.

If you wish to apply for an event sponsorship, our minimum requirement is that we do require sufficient members be located near the event. This includes those who are willing to volunteer as Event Coordinators, booth Volunteers, stabling/stall coordinators, Demo Riders etc.

Members who are interested in becoming an Event Coordinator(s) for their area’s large scale expo or fair are encouraged to complete the Sponsorship Funding Application as early in the year as possible. This allows us to budget for the year, and to determine which events can be approved.

Event sponsorships will be awarded both on the basis of when the application was received as well as the scale and reputation of the event, and how much potential impact it will provide.


  • Grant applications must be completed by a current CHHAPS member, and whom has been a previous member for a minimum of two consecutive years.
  • Sponsorship applications must be completed by a qualified Event Coordinator who is a current CHHAPS member, and whom has been a previous member for a minimum of two consecutive years.
  • Sponsorships cannot be applied for, in a region where there is already another existing Canadian Horse regional district who oversees events in that geographic area
  • Completed applications must be signed and submitted for review at least 60 days prior to the event date.

CHHAPS will carefully review all grant and sponsorship applications and make their decision based on merit, the profile of the event or project and potential impact for the breed, as well as on the number of submissions presented. CHHAPS may award more than one grant or sponsorship per year, depending on available funds.

If you are interested in applying for either our Grant or Sponsorship program, please contact CHHAPS for an application.