It is with deep regret that I have to announce the cancellation of next year’s CHHAPS Calendar. As most of you know, the annual CHHAPS Calendar has been one of our long standing, and eagerly anticipated traditions. 

However due to a whole series of logistical difficulties beyond our control, in combination with the Covid 19 pandemic, the board has had to make the very difficult decision to cancel the printing of the 2021 calendar. 

In the past, the majority of our calendars have been distributed either at our AGM or sold/passed out at our various events. With the change to an entirely “virtual” AGM and the cancellation of all of our CHHAPS events through 2020, we have lost these important avenues to distribute our calendars. Accordingly, this means that we must change to an almost exclusively mailed out model, and with this comes some significant logistical issues and expense. This is just one of the numerous issues that has factored into our decision to cancel. 

However, as can often happen with hard decisions, sometimes comes new and exciting changes. 

Because, with the pandemic, we can no longer have an “in person” AGM, we also are no longer obligated to try to time the printing of our calendars to coincide with that event. This then actually enables us to change our timeline to better suit our needs. After considerable discussion and deliberation, the board has made the decision to totally revamp the timing of our calendar such that it gets printed much earlier in the year (to summer). Which will then allow us ample time for sales and distribution throughout the fall.  We think this will be a very positive change in that it will allow people more time for photo submission, and allow for a greater variety of seasonal photos. It will also give our judges generous time for judging and allow our designer more time and flexibility to do their job as well. 

For those of you who submitted such an incredible array of lovely photographs of your beautiful Canadian Horses this summer, we just want to give you our sincere thanks. And to reassure you that your photographs that have already been submitted, will be carried over for consideration into next year. Thus will be valid for our 2022 calendar photo submissions that will commence early next year. 

Thanks again for everyone’s past participation, and for the incredible array of photographs that you have provided over the years. We also thank you for your understanding regarding this very difficult decision that we have had to make.

We look forward with eager anticipation to many more beautiful photo submissions throughout early 2021 and to the much earlier roll out of our 2022 calendar!


Yvonne Hillsden


Calendar Photo Contest Update