Work on the 2022 CHHAPS calendar is now underway and the calendar photo submission was opened up effective December 28, 2020. So be sure to submit your photos by this year’s deadline of February 20th, 2021

The main requirements for photo submission are as follows: 

  1. That the person submitting the photos in 2021 (or those who submitted photos in 2020 which are to be brought forward for consideration for the 2022 calendar) must be a current 2021 CHHAPS member. 
  1. The horse in the photo must be a registered (or able to be CHBA registered) Canadian Horse that is owned or bred by a current CHHAPS member.  The horse owner is deemed to be the owner of the horse at the time of photo submission.  

Photo Selection & Suggestions

Consider the following when choosing your photos:

  1. Quality – First and foremost, ensure that it is a quality photograph, in focus with good lighting. Must be of adequate resolution and not excessively cropped. The horse must take up a good proportion of the image and not just be a little dot in the background. 
  2. Backgrounds – Must be uncluttered and attractive. Horses with odd things appearing to grow out of their heads are rarely chosen! 
  3. Interest value – Must be appealing to both Canadian Horse owners as well as the general public.  Will the photo be enjoyed as much on the last day of the month as it was on the first? 
  4. Seasons – Submit a variety of photos covering all seasons. So don’t overlook those hairy winter ones! 
  5. Formatting – Submit photos preferably taken in landscape mode, as these work best for the calendar formatting. 
  6. Photo Credits – Prior to submission of any photos, ensure that the photographer has granted permission for its use.  Especially in the case where it has been taken by a professional photographer who owns the rights to its use. The CHHAPS member must be able to provide proof of permission from the photographer for the photo’s reproduction in the CHHAPS calendar as well as for use in other CHHAPS promotions, without associated cost. Note: all photographers are acknowledged in the photo captions.
  7. Naming Photos – Prior to submitting your photos, please rename it to include the horse’s year-name (i.e. Ranch D-5 Vulcain Gamine would be “Gamine“) and the owner’s name. Also include a photo number if several of the same horse are submitted. Ex. change photo “DSCM2193“, to “GamineArthur3“. If you forget, please add this information in the description space during uploading or afterwards. 
  8. Photo limit – Each person will be limited to a maximum number of ten photo submissions. So choose carefully. Don’t pick all of the photos from the same event, as this not only limits variety, but will also cause a vote split ensuring that none of your photos place highly.   

Photo Submission

Go through your photos, or get your camera out and shoot a few candid shots. Submit them in the private CHHAPS Facebook group:

under media/albums/2022 CHHAPS Calendar Photo submissions by clicking on add photos/video.
This is the direct link to that folder:

If you are unable to access Facebook or are unsure of how to do this, you can direct any questions to, or email your photos directly to Yvonne Hillsden at

Other comments

Photo selections are made by a panel of unbiased judges.

We attempt to include photos by as many members as possible (subject to adequate submissions). 

Each horse (or owner) will be represented by a maximum of one large and one small monthly photo.  Photos chosen for the cover or the collage are not included in this total.

Selected photographs may be cropped to fit the calendar format, and digitally enhanced to improve color and contrast. 

High resolution landscape photos provide the best format and clarity for the larger, monthly featured shots. 

A collection of smaller photos is typically featured in the back of the calendar, in the center collage (if there is one), and may include portrait shots. 

Notification: If your photo is selected, you may be contacted for information such as: full name of owner and horse(s), registration number(s), rider/driver/handler/others featured in the photo, and photographer. 

If your photo isn’t one of the finalists, it may be selected to appear on our CHHAPS website, in the newsletter or other type of CHHAPS literature. If you do not want your photo used in this manner, please send us a note once the results are announced.

We’ve been asked, more than we like, why the same horses are often featured in every calendar. Well, it’s because those horses have owners who submit photos! This is your calendar. All members are encouraged to submit at least one photo of your Canadian.

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