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2019 Calendar – Time to Submit Your Photos!

Photo credit KJW Photography

It’s that time of the year again! Time to submit your photos for the ever-popular CHHAPS Calendar, for 2019. The deadline for submission is MIDNIGHT, SUNDAY July 22nd.

PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS A MONTH EARLIER THAN LAST YEAR! (This is so that calendars will be available for sale at the Canadian Horse Expo in Connecticut in October.)

Our awesome designer, Susan Arthur, has graciously agreed to put her creative talents to work for us again this year to produce our 2019 CHHAPS calendar. Last year’s calendar showcased the beauty, temperament, and versatility of the Canadian Horse as well as a wide variety of horses and farms from right across Canada and the US. We had more farms and more horses owned or bred by different CHHAPS members than ever before!

PHOTO SUBMISSION: We are looking for a good selection of photos to represent each of our seasons — Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall — in order to choose the most attractive and appropriate large and small photos for each month.

All current 2018 CHHAPS members are invited to submit their favorite photos for consideration. The photo must be of a registered (or pending registration) Canadian Horse that belongs to a CHHAPS member, or was bred by a CHHAPS member (even if it no longer belongs to you).

We have created an Album (folder) on the CHHAPS Yahoo site for submissions (2019 CHHAPS Calendar Submissions) at:

as well as on this Facebook page for those members who can’t upload photos to Yahoo, at:

If at all possible, please upload your photos to the Yahoo site as opposed to Facebook, since this is where they will all ultimately have to be for the judging process, and it is very time consuming to transfer FB files to Yahoo.

Please ensure that that you have permission from the photographer for CHHAPS to use the photo BEFORE you submit it. And please update the file name so that it begins with the name of the horse and some other identifiers in the description so we know whose horse it is, and who submitted it.

JUDGING: Photos for the calendar will be chosen by a  panel of 5-6 judges made up of CHHAPS members. If you are interested in being a judge this year, please contact me at

DEADLINE: Sunday, JULY 22nd, 2018.

Please go through your best photos (not necessarily from this year) of your Canadian Horse(s) and make sure you upload to either the Yahoo album or the Facebook album in advance of the deadline.

AVAILABILITY: The calendar will be available for sale after October at multiple venues: the CHHAPS AGM in Chilliwack, BC; the Canadian Horse Expo in Harwinton, Connecticut USA; the Equine Affaire in Springfield, Massachusetts USA; and at the Northwest Fair and Expo in Albany Oregon USA; as well as promoted online through the CHHAPS sites and Facebook. If you think or know that you will need a larger number for a specific event or occasion, please let us know so that we can reserve these for you ahead of time as availability can be very limited.

We’re looking forward to seeing another awesome selection of photos for the 2019 Canadian Horse calendar. This is a great way to support CHHAPS and to show off your beautiful Canadian Horses!

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