Dave Flato leading a pack string.

Dave and Lynda Flato have been members of the Canadian Horse Heritage & Preservation Society since 2005. Since 1999, they have used Canadian Horses extensively in their outfitting business in Alberta. As Skyline Trail Rides, they operate pack trips into Jasper National Park, the site of some spectacular photographs featuring their Canadian Horses. They’ve also used Canadians for commercial driving work, like sleigh and wagon rides, as well as for horse logging. According to Dave, Canadians work well for the outfitting industry because of their calm nature, good bone and feet, and the fact that they are easy keepers.

As Double Diamond Canadians, they started breeding Canadian Horses 13 years ago after several trips to Quebec to visit with some of the top breeders. They spent time with Andre Auclair, Gilles Racette and Albert & Mireille Gravel, to name a few. Visits with those experienced longtime breeders helped them get to know what to look for in a Canadian and understand the importance of keeping the old bloodlines. During those visits, it certainly helped that Lynda herself grew up in Quebec and French is her native tongue.


David and Lynda Flato

Over the years, Dave and Lynda have sold Canadian Horses to new homes in Oregon, Colorado, Alberta and BC, and even one in Germany. As trainers, they want to give each horse a strong foundation in ground work and training on trails. They believe that a good foundation is the start of a good, versatile horse.

Now located in Enderby, British Columbia, they also have a trail riding business at their new ranch. Their business is called Okanagan Horseback, and is open for trail rides from May to October. Many of their trail horses are Canadians.

Dave and Lynda love the fact that by breeding and using Canadian Horses, they areĀ  helping to preserve part of Canada’s heritage.

The Flatos’ stallion, Double Diamond Pacha Ulixes

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