CHHAPS is a relatively small non-profit organization with a correspondingly small budget, we can only sponsor a portion of the cost.  If any Canadian Horse fans would like to contribute toward the cost of the booth at the Equine Affaire, there are two ways you can do so:

  • Join CHHAPS.  An annual membership is only $35, and it’s from our membership fees that we’re able to cover the costs of promoting the Canadian Horse at fairs and online.  Large events like Equine Affaire charge several hundred dollars for even a small booth.  Every membership is appreciated!
  • Click the “DONATE” button below. Many small donations can add up to significant financial help!  Every amount donated in this way will go toward paying for the booth, shipping Canadian Horse calendars, creating an attractive and informative display, and printing promotional handouts like the CHHAPS rack cards.

You can donate in either US or Canadian funds. Anyone making a donation of $25 or more who would like their name and/or farm name mentioned in online and print acknowledgements or if you are donating $50 or more and want to be a Booth Sponsor, please let us know in the comments of your donation.


Donate in Canadian funds:


Donate in US funds:

Thank you!


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