CHHAPS is offering two basic types of awards. One recognizes the horse who excels in the show ring by competing in a specific discipline. The other recognizes a horse who achieves overall show-ring excellence in a general variety of either Western or English classes. The eight divisions are:


Are you one of those people who love to take your horse to anything involving horses? You enjoy a Club Trail Ride today, a Parade tomorrow, maybe enter a bunch of County Fair classes over the summer?

If you have a versatile horse who has many aptitudes and abilities and is able to turn with ease from one activity to another, then this is a program you’ll want to join!  Versatility award programs are designed to acknowledge owners for participation in activities not just inside the show ring, but everywhere else too. The emphasis is on participation, not competition or performance. The Canadian Horse Heritage And Preservation Society recognizes both the broad spectrum of capabilities of our member’s horses and their contribution to breed promotion. CHHAPS feels that they should be rewarded for being valuable ambassadors of the Canadian Horse breed.

The first Canadian Horse organization to create a versatility program for its members was the Canadian Horse Breeders – Atlantic District  The CHHAPS Versatility Award Program is modeled after this program and is being used with their permission.

For the details of our program, check out the CHHAPS Versatility Award Point System link below. It will give you examples of all the activities that earn points, show you the award levels and has a brief summary of the program’s rules and regulations. If you decide it’s for you, please join in and start racking up points with your Canadian Horse today!

Versatility Award Registration Payment – $25 (Canadian Funds)

Registration Payment – $25 (US Funds)

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Does your horse excel in the show ring?  Do you consistently place in the top ten with him/her?  Does (s)he shine in a specific English, Western or Driving discipline?

While Canadian Horses are known for their versatile family-horse nature, there are those horses that have also shown at the highest levels in dressage and the sport of combined driving. The breed is increasingly competing and winning in open classes at club to advanced levels in Jumping, English and Western horsemanship. These highly trained athletes are amazing ambassadors to an audience not used to seeing the Canadian as a Performance Horse option.

To recognize the outstanding show-ring performances of the horses and their dedicated owners, CHHAPS wanted a program based on competition, in addition to the Versatility Award Program based on participation.  Thus the CHHAPS Performance Award Program was created in 2007.

If you are a CHHAPS member with a current or potential champion,  pure or partbred Canadian, take advantage of this exciting program.  Browse the CHHAPS Performance Award Program- Point System link below for a list of disciplines, placement points and further rules and requirements.  Then register and start earning at your next show!

Performance Award Payment – One Division – $25 (Canadian Funds)

Performance Award Payment – One Division – $25 (US Funds)

Performance Award Payment – All Divisions – $50 (Canadian Funds)

Performance Award Payment – All Divisions – $50 (US Funds)

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