Have you ever thought about taking your Canadian Horse to Spruce Meadows, or doing a clinic with a well known and respected clinician like Francois Bergeron? Do you plan to appear at a high profile or world class venue where you can show the world what the Canadian Horse can do? Where you can do breed education, and help to do your part to preserve our beloved breed in the process?
Do you have you plans for a research project on the breed, or to write an article for a well known publication, or publish a book that helps promote the breed and raise it’s profile? 

If so, maybe CHHAPS can help your dream come true!

Consider applying for a CHHAPS Grant. The goal of this program is to “cultivate awareness of the Canadian Horse and educate others about the breed”.

The CHHAPS grant program may awards grants (of up to $250 CAN each) to CHHAPS members who apply to the program and who meet the selection criteria.  Unlike our event sponsorships for larger scale group “breed demos” at horse fairs/events etc, these grants are designed specifically for individual members and their horses. 

To be eligible for the grants you must be a current CHHAPS member. If you are appearing with your horse(s), they must be registered, purebred Canadians. Selection criteria include event attendance, competition level, and clinician/judge qualifications and profile (for example attending a clinic with an FEI certified instructor in a regional venue like the Mane Event would rank higher than a local clinician at a small local venue), or how high profile and the anticipated reach of the proposed publication is. 

Grants may be used to cover expenses including publishing costs, show, clinic, and stabling fees; ferry costs; and gas or other travel expenses.  

Applications must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event (for example if the event is on Feb 1, 2020, you’d need to submit by November 1, 2019). 

A completed post event report, photos, and receipts must be submitted within 30 days of the culmination of the event for reimbursement. The amount and number of grants we award annually will depend upon budget reserves and applications received. 

Ultimately, it is our hope is that with a little bit of help from CHHAPS, more of our members will be able to get out and promote our beloved breed to a wider audience!

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